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Forms and Documents
  1. Turnover Declaration Form
  1. During the month of Ramazan and first 7 days of Shawwal, Quota and Employment approval applications can be submitted from 10:00hrs to 14:00hrs of working days.
  2. Information regarding the documents to be uploaded with new employment approval application for domestic category (((PR)94-A/94/2015/3)
  3. To inform XPAT services will be available only from morning 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs in the evening on all working days ((IUL)94-A/1/2015/4)
  4. Announcement Regarding Xpat online Account Registration. ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/27)
  5. To inform Departure on rubber stamp will allowed till 30th October 2014 ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/28)
  6. Announcement Regarding Issuing of Employment approval to quota issued under the work type “Company Operators. ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/29)
  7. Announcement Regarding Temporary suspension of issuing EA to 3 work types. ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/30)
  8. Regarding Temporary suspension of issuing EA to “Domestic Servant”. ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/33)
  9. During the month of Ramazan, Quota and Employment approval applications can be submitted from 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs of working days. ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/24)
  10. Attesting the Employment Contracts of Indian Employee’s before submitting for employment approval extension. ((IUL)94-A/1/2014/23)
  11. Announcement to inform that employer and occupation of the employees cannot be changed before one year ((IUL)94-A/94/2014/12)
  12. Announcement to inform Expatriate services will be given after checking MIRA for overdue payments ((IUL)94-A/94/2014/13)
  13. Announcement to inform Employment approvals of missing expatriates will not be cancelled ((IUL)94-V/1/2014/12)
  14. Announcement to submit turnover declaration form before 29th may 2014 ((IUL)94-V/1/2014/11
  15. Interruption of Service on Thursday 24 April 2014 ((IUL)94A-94 2014-7)
  16. Xpat online services given by Foreign Employment section will be temporarily suspended from 9th April 2014 to 10th April 2014 ((IUL)94-A/94/2014/4)
  17. Xpat online services given by Foreign Employment section will be temporarily suspended from 9th April 2014 to 10th April 2014 ((IUL)94-A/94/2014/4)
  18. Employment Approval will not be issued to passports without MRZ ((IUL)94-V/1/2014/5)
  19. Employment Approval applications submitted through Xpat online system will be processed within 07 (seven) working days ((IUL) 94-V/1/2013/15)
  20. Non-professional category quota suspension ((IUL)94-A/2013/12)
  21. Voluntary Departure Registration Process ((IUL)94-A/1/2013/10)
  22. Project & maintenance based quota limitations ((IUL)94-V/1/2013/11)
  23. Due date for Employer Change extended until 28 February 2014 ((IUL)94-V/94/2013/72)
  24. Submission of company’s “Turnover Declaration Form” ((IUL)94-V/94/2013/69)
  25. Discontinuing of Quota and EA services for “Security” related work types. ((IUL)94-V/94/2013/70)
  26. Announcement about Immigration Law 2/2008 ((IUL)94-A/1/2013/7
  27. Cancelled Employment Approvals will not be revoked ((IUL)94-V/94/2013/66)
  28. Expats without valid EAs should be sent back to their countries ((IUL)94-V/94/2013/68)
  29. EA cancellation applications to be submitted after expats departure ((IUL)94-V/94/2013/67)
  30. About Employer Contact details ((IUL)94-A/1/2013/9)
  31. Employer Change requests shall be processed now for Work Permits with 7 months validity ((IUL)91-V-94 2013-57)
  32. To inform Xpat Online user accounts responsibility should be taken by the respective individual ((IUL)91-V-94 2013-52)
  33. Extension of Employment Approval Duration ((IUL)94A-94 2013-44)
  34. Extension of Processing Quota Applications ((IUL)94A-94 2013-47)
  35. BPT Statement to be Submitted by Companies Previously Regsitered as Local Investments ((IUL)94V-94 2013-49)
  36. Requistions to 'Un-Cancel' the EAs Already Cancelled by DoIE ((IUL)94V-94 2013-50)
  37. Interruption of Service During Public Holidays ((IUL)94A-94 2013-46)
  38. Maximum Value of Quota Issued to Resort Construction Fixed for 500 ((IUL)94V-94 2013-24)
  39. Provision of Lost/Damaged Work Permits Issued via Labour Database ((IUL)94V-94 2013-14)
  40. Separate Quota Issued for Out-Sourced Companies of Resort Operators ((IUL)94V-94 2013-10)
  41. Procedure to be Followed When Applying for Quota and EA via Xpat Online ((IUL)94V-94 2013-3)
  42. Fixed Quota Prinicples for Construction Companies ((IUL)94V-94 2013-2)
  43. Requistion forms to Cancel WPs issued via Labor Database will be accepted by FES ((IUL)94V-94 2012-41)



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